Cashew Processing

Launched in 2014, Valency International’s cashew processing facility in Lagos, Nigeria produces all grades of high quality cashew kernals with an installed capacity of 40 MT/day and is considered one of the finest in the country.

Well established sourcing and warehousing facilities across Nigeria gives Valency International the advantage of sourcing raw cashew nuts directly from bush suppliers, processing them to finest cashew kernals and packaging them for international and domestic markets. Single origin cargo processing and tracing of cargo source back to village level can be assured by Valency International.

Currently, Valency International is processing all of Ogomboso's RCN, which are finest within the country.

Strong quality control such as the Critical Control Points (CCP) system is placed to ensure the highest quality of cashew kernals. Special focus is placed on strict hygienic conditions during the processing of nuts, strict monitoring of processing time from steaming of RCN to Packaging and final grading of finished products is strictly maintained for less than 12 days. Fumigation is also always done for the goods before vacuum packing in 25/50 lbs flexi packing infused with CO2+Nitrogen gases.

The factory is a workplace for 450+ African female employees and Valency International has taken many initiatives to provide the best working conditions to them. A water treatment plant is in place to ensure pure drinking water for all workers, a clean hygienic food is served in canteen provides their day meals. Valency International also take care of health of its employees by having regular health checkup of its workers at our own full facility clinic within the factory. A qualified nurse is always available during the working hours to ensure that all its getting medical attention if needed. Valency also pledges against child labour in handling of our RCN and processing of Cashew Kernels.

Understanding its responsibility towards mother earth, Valency International has also undertaken efficient, waste-free energy management by using the cashew nut shell cake to burn the boiler in place of coal. This allows us to save about 7000 MT of coal per annum and save expensive foreign exchange for Nigeria which they spend to import the coal.